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★ Vertical injection blow molding technology:
This innovative injection blow process technology is created by Jingye company; different from the popular horizontal style (of which Jomar’s three-station machine is a representative),  Jingye’s vertical style sets the injection mold perpendicular to the horizontal plane (refer to Pic 1) , this technology stems from Mr. WenBingRong, the founder of Jingye Company and got the patent of“Full Automatic Multifunctional Blow Molding Machine”in 1992.

★ “Double-station reciprocating rotating technology”:

Which has been applied to full-automatic double-station injection blow molding machine (Patent No. ZL 2009 2 0303237.1), and injection stretch blow molding machine(ZL 2009 1 0305311.8) produced by Jingye company; The working way is to set injection and blowing station to distribute symmetrically in 180° in the vertical plane, improve production efficiency by finishing injection and blowing at the same time. And the mold parts of double-station design is less than three-station and four-station technology, thus lower the cost.

★ Technology of Compound Core
This technology consists of a set of components, including the main board, the core and the valve stem. While completing air blowing and air exhausting at the same time, by designing the pipelines inside the core, the technology can conduct heat medium of the outer mold temperature controller into the core and the valve stem and create a circulation, so as to control the temperature of the mold. By applying this technology, we are able to manufacture products of a wider range of materials, from PE, PP, PS to PC, Tritan, PPSU, PES, which almost cover all the available materials in plastic blowing industry.