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1992 - Got the patent of “injection blow molding technology”.
1997 - Founded in 1997, Jingye started to produce WB series full-automatic single-step injection blow molding machine.

 1999 -In 1999, developed the first generation machine for making PC baby feeding bottle, it is the only domestic equipment which can subsitute for the import equipment and later developed to sports cup industry.

2005 - Developed WIB series full-automatic double-station injection blow molding machine in 2005.

 2006 - Moved from LiuYong Road to XinXing Industrial Park in 2006, for better management, supporting service and developing space.
 2008 - Developed WISB series double-station injection stretch blow molding machine in 2008.Successfully developed IBM machine for making TRITAN material.

  2009 - Developed full-automatic double-station double-row injection blow molding machine for making yoghurt bottle in 2009, output for 100ml bottle can be up to 100,000pcs/day.
 2013 - Exported the biggest single set of injection blow molding machine to Europe in 2013, maximum production volume of the container is up to 15L.

 2014 - Developed high production capacity model for making LED lampshade in 2014, maximum mold cavity is up to 8 cavities.
 2016 - The second stage of workshop was put into use in 2016, which expanded the production capacity.

 2017 -  Developed WISBⅢ series three-station injection stretch blow molding machine.
 2018 -  Developed high speed injection blow molding machines and owned the title of national high-tech enterprise again.