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IBM Machine for Pharmaceutical packaging,yog-urt bottle and cosmetic ckaging container

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Product introduction

The machine is suitable for producing plastic containers such as HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, etc. It is mainly used in packaging containers for pharmaceutical, lactic acid drink, cosmetics, etc.

The new model WIB-60D-G, upgraded version of WIB-50D, which efficiency is increased by 25~50%. Taking the lactic acid drink bottle of 100 mL as an example, its mold is 14 cavities, and the daily output reach more than 100,000 pieces.

Using the vertical working style for reducing the projected area of the mold may complete the work in a lower mold Clamping force, which can reduce the energy consumption.
The mold uses the overall preform inlay configuration to guarantee the final product to have only two Parting lines.

Tips: Select the machine according to container size and the hourly production. The container volume is from 2 mL to 2000 mL. (Volume out of range can be customized.)