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ISBM machine for making pc,tritan,pp containers

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Product introduction


The machine uses three-station structure and is mainly used to make bottles for daily use, like sports bottles and baby feeding bottles, etc.
BS series model is for PC, Tritan and PP material, etc.
CS series model is suitable for PPSU material, etc.

"Injection-stretch-blow molding" technology consists of machines, molds, molding processes, etc. Liuzhou Jingye Machinery Co., Ltd. has been researching and developing this technology for more than ten years.

Our "Injection-Stretch-Blow Molding Machine"  is three-station: injection preform,  strentch & blow, and ejection.

This single stage process can save you much energy becuase you do not have to reheat the preforms.
And can ensure you better bottle appearance, by avoiding preforms scratching against each other.